Chicago Federal Criminal Lawyer

Chicago Federal Criminal Lawyer

Some crimes are prosecuted at the federal level, including drug charges and conspiracy. These are prosecuted by the FBI, DEA and other federal agencies. They are more serious and carry harsher penalties than state crimes.

A top Chicago federal criminal lawyer is well versed in defending clients against federal charges. A conviction can lead to long term incarceration, substantial fines and fees, mandatory supervised release and a negative impact on your legal record that cannot be expunged.


Most criminal prosecutions in Illinois are handled by state courts, but federal charges can also be filed against citizens. These are often brought for alleged activities that cross state lines, such as mail fraud and wire fraud or for crimes committed within the scope of federal law, such as RICO act violations or conspiracy to commit drug trafficking.

A seasoned Chicago federal criminal lawyer can help clients facing a wide range of federal charges, from the investigative stage through trial and sentencing. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is familiar with the federal system, its procedural rules and regulations and will fight hard to obtain optimal results.

An experienced Chicago federal criminal lawyer can defend clients against all types of white collar federal charges. He can challenge search warrants, question unreliable informants and identify improperly collected evidence. He can also assist clients in overcoming allegations of sex crimes or child abuse. He can even help his clients win detention hearings and defend them against appeals.


While most criminal prosecutions occur in state courts, federal charges can be brought against Illinois citizens for certain crimes that violate the laws of the United States Congress and not those of the State of Illinois or local jurisdictions. Those charged with federal crimes often face more serious penalties than those prosecuted under state law.

The best Chicago federal defense attorney will understand how to approach the many facets of defending a federal case. They will know how to challenge unreliable informants, expose flawed police work and argue that prosecutors cannot use evidence that was obtained in violation of the client’s Constitutional rights.

A top Chicago federal criminal lawyer will also have a proven track record of success in winning not guilty jury verdicts for clients in the past. They will also be committed to pursuing every mitigating factor at sentencing in order to secure the lowest possible sentence for their client. They will never be afraid to challenge the federal government and prosecutors at all levels.

Upfront Fees

Most criminal attorneys offer a free initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your legal matter. At that point, they can let you know whether they charge by the hour or a flat fee for their services. Some attorneys may also offer flexible payment plans for those with financial constraints.

It’s important to find a Chicago federal criminal attorney who has experience representing clients in the same situation as you. Although every case is decided on its own facts, an attorney’s record of dismissals and acquittals for people in similar situations can be a good indicator of their abilities.

A top Chicago federal criminal lawyer can make all the difference if you become the subject of an investigation or receive a target letter. They can challenge search and arrest warrants, and control the scope of interrogations and searches of your home or business. They can also challenge the veracity of evidence and the admissibility of statements given to investigators.


Federal criminal law covers a wide variety of crimes including murder, child pornography, drug trafficking, bank robbery, mail fraud and identity theft. Infringements of federal laws can carry severe fines and even prison time. Having a reputable Chicago federal crime lawyer by your side can ensure you are treated fairly and that all of your rights are protected.

A top federal criminal lawyer in Chicago is not afraid to take on the government and will do whatever it takes to get your charges dropped. They will thoroughly investigate your case, interview witnesses and scrutinize evidence to uncover any inconsistencies. They will also work to limit search and seizure activities, challenge unreliable informants and argue for a more lenient sentence should you be convicted of a federal crime.

You should only hire a Chicago federal crime lawyer with extensive experience in defending cases before the United States Attorneys’ Office and in federal court. A stellar attorney will have a record of success in obtaining not guilty jury verdicts for their clients and the experience to understand how federal prosecutions differ from Illinois state courts.

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