I was in a slip-and-fall accident. Do I need to hire legal help?

I was in a slip-and-fall accident. Do I need to hire legal help?


If you’ve been in a slip-and-fall accident caused by the negligence of a property owner or store owner that resulted in serious injury, you may be wondering if you need to call an attorney. As with any personal injury case, there are many factors to consider such as your slip and fall injuries, the medical care and treatment you will need now and in the future, and how your injuries will affect your ability to work and earn income to support your family.

It’s always best to talk with a lawyer after an accident

If the injuries are serious, permanent and/or long-lasting, then you should consult with a slip and fall lawyer as soon as you can. An attorney who specializes in these types of premises liability cases will be able to help you understand your legal rights and help guide you through the process of filing suit against those responsible for your injuries while providing advice on how best to proceed in order to secure compensation for all of your injuries and damages incurred due to their negligence.

Types of slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere. They happen in the home, at work, at a store or restaurant, and even on public property like sidewalks and walkways. Slip and fall accidents may involve wet floors (or other surfaces) as well as ice-covered sidewalks or snowy walkways that make walking difficult or impossible without slipping.

Paying for medical care

When you need medical care and treatment after you have an injury, a lawyer who specializes in these types of premises liability cases will be able to help you hold the negligent store or property owner legally accountable to pay for your medical bills.

This is extremely important because the more serious your injuries are, the more medical care you may need. Your medical-related expenses could stretch for years or decades into the future. Only an experienced attorney will be able to help you ensure that your slip and fall settlement is enough to cover those costs for you and your family.

Holding property owners accountable when their negligence causes a slip-and-fall accident

If the property owner where your slip and fall accident occurred tries to deny responsibility for the injuries and damages their negligence caused, then you will need an experienced lawyer who specializes in this type of case to hold them accountable. This is a complicated area of the law and it’s not uncommon for stores and property owners to aggressively litigate these cases. This is not the time for you to go it alone or to hire a general practice attorney who is only “moonlighting” with your slip-and-fall case.


It’s important to seek legal help if you suffered an injury from this type of accident so your attorney can help you understand your rights and the legal process, and he or she can begin collecting evidence for your case.