Legal Experts in the Trucking Industry

Legal Experts in the Trucking Industry

Whether your case involves a truck accident or transportation, you need an expert. The experts found here have experience with the Department of Transportation, DOT regulations, freight management, fleet maintenance, and more.

In recent years, the ATA has helped push laws in states like Florida that it says are designed to curb frivolous lawsuits and excessive verdicts. But safety advocates say those laws make it harder for victims to hold negligent truckers accountable after crashes.


Trucking / forklift / warehousing expert witnesses offer years and often decades of real-world, on-the-job experience. They know how trucks and related equipment operate and the fine points of business practices, industry standards and regulatory compliance that are so essential to cases involving trucking accidents.

These experts may also specialize in the areas of air brake systems, commercial vehicle inspection procedures, ECM (black-box) data and on-board computer technology. In addition, they may perform a variety of testing and analysis to examine behavior factors that lead to or contribute to trucking related incidents such as driver fatigue, drug/alcohol use, driving under the influence, and cargo-related issues.

A skilled Black Box forensic expert can download, analyze and translate the complex information contained within a truck’s ECM or event data recorder into an easy-to-understand play-by-play. This data can be used to prove that the truck was not operating properly, which may have contributed to the accident. This can be an important factor in determining which parties are responsible for the trucking accident and which compensation is due to victims.


When it comes to truck accidents, there are many different types of experts that can help you win your case. These include accident reconstructionists, medical experts, economic experts, and trucking industry experts. These experts can explain how a trucking company violated safety laws and caused the crash.

A good expert can provide clear real-world explanations of the finer details of trucking equipment, business practices, and regulatory and industry standards. They can also assist in the analysis of data collected from the scene of the accident.

Several of these experts have years of experience in the highly specialized field of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) crashes and incidents, including 16 years at the helm of a national incident response company. They can offer expertise on such issues as DOT regulations, driver hiring practices, training, vehicle maintenance, risk management and more. They can also provide an opinion as to whether a trucking company followed its own safety policies and the expected standards of care.


An experienced trucking accident attorney can help you preserve crucial evidence, such as the data from a truck’s black box or maintenance records. This information can help determine the cause of an accident, the extent of your injuries, and the amount of compensation you deserve.

Trucking experts have years of industry experience and superior insight into the regulations that apply to fleets. They can help juries understand expected standards of care and how a driver or carrier failed to meet them. They can also evaluate special topics, such as parking on the shoulder, load securement, and drop off/pick up locations.

This expert is a highly trained professional with 35+ years of safety, loss control and training experience in the trucking industry. He has held a variety of safety management positions with companies such as Schneider Transport, JB Hunt and Ruan Transportation where he was responsible for corporate and regional loss control. He is well-versed in ECM (black box) data and on-board computers and has a strong understanding of truck maintenance, inspections and safety programs.


The trucking industry is subject to a number of laws and regulations, including those that govern vehicle safety, driver hours, fuel efficiency standards, and transport of hazardous materials. If you are a trucking management professional, it is important to be aware of these regulations in order to avoid penalties for non-compliance you need a Legal Experts in Trucking Industry.

For example, federal law prohibits commercial drivers from using cell phones while they are on the job unless they have a hands-free device that requires only one button to activate or deactivate. If a truck driver is caught violating these rules, they could be fined or even arrested.

Other regulations include those that require all trucks to carry liability insurance and maintain proper records of mileage and fuel usage. It is also important for trucking companies to follow government policies regarding immigration.