Mistakes to Avoid When Charged with a Crime in Atlanta

Mistakes to Avoid When Charged with a Crime in Atlanta

If you are charged with a crime in Atlanta or anywhere in the state of Georgia, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid. A conviction may lead to severe penalties, such as significant fines, jail time, and more. 

You should also contact Atlanta criminal defense lawyers immediately after arrest, giving you the best possible outcome for your case. 

Here, you can learn about some of the most common mistakes, which can help you avoid making them. 

Mistake: Assuming You Will be Convicted

No matter the circumstances that have led up to your arrest, you should never assume you will be convicted when your case goes to trial. It is up to the prosecutor to prove, beyond any doubt, that you are guilty. 

If there is not enough evidence to show you are guilty, you cannot be convicted, even if you committed a crime. Also, even if you believe you committed a crime, there are a few things to consider:

  • The act may not be illegal in the state of Georgia
  • You may have defenses that excuse or justify your actions

Mistake: Assuming You Will “Get Off”

While your attorney has access to several possible defenses to criminal charges, you should never assume that you will not be convicted or “get off” if your case goes to trial. 

Even though the prosecution has a high burden of proof, they are skilled at what they do and get guilty verdicts regularly. Cases of wrongful convictions are also at an all-time high. 

You may be sure you did not do anything wrong; however, it is still necessary to approach the case like there is a risk of being convicted – since there is. 

Mistake: Believing the Police Did Everything Lawfully

Police officers are human. They can make mistakes. While it is likely that your stop and arrest were done “by the book,” it is also possible that the officer who arrested you or the investigator who questioned you violated your constitutional rights. 

Mistake: Believing the Prosecuting Attorney Will Follow the Letter of the Law

Like the police, the prosecuting officer can also make mistakes. From using evidence that is inadmissible to withholding key evidence during the discovery process, there are several mistakes the prosecution can make that will hurt their case. If this happens, then you will likely receive a “not guilty” verdict when your case goes to trial. 

Mistake: Believing It is Fine to Miss a Court Date 

If you are charged with a crime in Georgia, you must appear in court on several different occasions. Missing a court date will result in the judge issuing a bench warrant for your arrest. When arrested, you may be held in jail until your trial date. 

Mistake: Waiting for Your Trial Date without Working on a Defense Strategy

You need to make sure you take steps to protect yourself and your freedom when facing criminal charges. Instead of just waiting for the date of your trial, be sure to hire an attorney who can help build a solid defense for your situation. 

Hire a Reputable Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyers for Help with Your Case

If you are arrested for a crime in Atlanta, be sure to avoid the mistakes described here. This will help you get the best possible outcome for your case. While there are no guarantees if your case goes to trial, having the help, advice, and guidance of Atlanta criminal defense lawyers will be beneficial.

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