3 Steps You Should Take After an Oil Field Accident

3 Steps You Should Take After an Oil Field Accident

Injuries are inevitable in the oil fields. Some of these accidents can be fatal, making it hard for you to work forever or die. Being injured in the oil field is a difficult moment for many reasons. One of them is that you will have to deal with the injuries, and the worker’s compensation might never be enough. Most people often make mistakes such as ignoring a minor injury, which later worsens, leading to no compensation. Knowing what to do after an oil field accident can help you get the maximum compensation to cover your bills. This article will explore a guide to the steps you should take after an accident.

1. Contact an Experienced Oil Field Accident Lawyer

It’s tough to predict an accident. That’s why you must always be ready to contact an experienced attorneys for attorneys for oilfield work injuries to help you file your case and get compensated. After an accident, confusion might make it hard to look for a lawyer. 

Your attorney will direct you on what you should do, such as never speaking to a claim adjustor since they could use what you say against you for no or little compensation. Always note that multiple investigations will be done depending on the insurance company covering the loss and the company you work for. Seeking evidence alone can be difficult, but an experienced lawyer knows what to look for. They will help you avoid the traps that most insurance companies often put in place to ensure people make mistakes that will lead to little compensation.

If you are contacting a lawyer for the first time, you should ask to set up an initial consultation, which is often free and remains confidential. In this meeting, you discuss with them what happened so that they understand where to start. Always remember that dealing with your employer’s insurance company on your own can often hurt your chances of getting a fair amount of compensation.

2. Seek Immediate Medical Compensation

 Sometimes, the accident people suffer might feel minor in the beginning. Failure to get medical attention from a reputable medical caregiver can lower your chances of compensation if the situation worsens. Always seek medical attention to accurately diagnose your condition following the accident to receive all necessary medical attention.

In case of serious injuries, you must be admitted to the emergency room. For every diagnosis and treatment, always ensure that your doctor records the causation of the injuries. This can act as evidence in a court of law and is used to calculate the amount of compensation to get.

3. Notify Your Employer About The Accident

You must notify your employer about the accident as soon as possible. Failure to report an accident could affect your chances of compensation, and sometimes, you might lose your job. When reporting the accident, be honest about what happened and, if possible, ensure you write a complete accident report. Putting things in writing will help avoid disputes about what and when you said it. Remember to be forthcoming about what happened to all parts of your body when reporting. Failure to report the pain to your employer can be assumed that the pain will go away. If workers’ compensation covers you, the employer should notify the insurance company and file a worker’s compensation claim on your behalf.

Getting Justice

Oil field cases and the laws governing them are complicated. That’s why you should hire a qualified attorney to represent and help you file your claim.

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